Unconnected wash-basins, automatic wash-basins, manual wash-basins



F.A.M.A.C. was founded in 1977 on consolidated experiences in the furniture industry. Strong of decades of experience in the production of technical equipment in medical and aesthetic-medical fields, F.A.M.A.C. has among its products a wide range of sinks “dimensioneAcqua” collection that ranges from independent sinks and fluid and autonomous network with jerry cans, vending sinks with foot valve, in addition to the manuals sinks with clinical lever. The wide range of available sinks provides to professionals the best choice based on the needs of the work environment. Extremely practical, functional and ergonomic, the upper floors have rounded edges and covered in protective material, steel handles offer no dangerous footholds, the dispensing pedal is fully embedded in the plinth to avoid stumbling. The self sinks the water system with solenoid valve and automatic ones require only a socket to 230 V being equipped with low-voltage transformer. The products of dimensioneAcqua collection, meet the requirements of the European directives.



dimensioneAcqua wash-basins are designed with utmost safety and ergonomics in mind. They despense water by the simple pressure of the foot on the base, without any manual contact (dispensing system with pump or solenoid valve).


Choose the color of your wash-basin between 2 different shades for the top (white or beige) and 15 for the structure.


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